Port Gamble Ride Park

A Ride Park is being built in Port gamble!

For those who don’t know yet, a ride park is being built in the Port Gamble forest area. The property was secured through the efforts of the Kitsap Forest and Bay Community Campaign and a great community of people. The ride park project is in the planning and design stage and is set to start construction as soon as possible. A team of people have been working on a committee behind the scene to plan the ride park and have submitted a proposal to Kitsap County with trail plans and standards.

what now?

While we are working towards a start date for construction we need all the help we can get. The construction portion of the park needs funding and volunteers. If you are an experienced trail builder, machine operator, or just a stoked individual that loves to ride bikes, we need your help to make this park awesome. We are also looking for fundraising ideas. If you have any interest in this project and want to get involved please fill out the form below:


Ride Park property